Why We Share

We live in a FaceBook world, choosing to deliberately show beautiful, acceptable facades of our lives to the world around us. We tend to mask and hide all the weakness, the brokenness, the sinfulness and the ugliness that exists in ourselves, our marriages, our children, our families, our friendships, our work and our play. The world values only the successful, so we tend to feel compelled to display our very best, physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. This leads us to feel the pressure of finding our hope, value and identity in these acceptable facades as defined by society. But, we are pretty foolish because God sees our hearts anyway, and He knows all the hidden things of our lives! So, why not just be open and honest about the brokenness and sinfulness that is being redeemed by our Savior who specializes in giving broken, sinful people, His perfect, righteous identity and infinite, eternal life value? The world might laugh at us – but, so what! We would also be giving hope to others who have also sinned and fallen, traveling with weary hearts. We could also be redemption lights pointing other broken people to their Savior, Redeemer and Friend! It’s with this hope that we vulnerably share our stories!

More than 25 years ago, God called our family to follow Him on an extremely unusual journey which has led us to climb many high mountains and walk through many deep valleys. Our journey spanned two continents 10,000 miles apart. We were specially chosen from among 1.4 billion people to know Him and to grow in Him! It’s almost unfathomable that the God of the universe looked at us through the annals of time, and chose to adopt us as His children, so becoming our Father for all eternity. In gratitude for the immeasurable love we have received from Him, we chose to adopt two children and make them our very own forever. This has been a very hard journey, but one where God has granted us fresh insights into His character and a deeper understanding of His Word. Our lives are filled with ups and downs, times of incredible excitement and joy along with times of hopelessness and despair. And these experiences have been sprinkled with greater faith in the Lord but also times of spiritual failure, doubt and sin. But through all of this, our God has sustained us by His grace, and has restored us when we stumble and fall. He who chose us and redeemed our lives from the pit, now holds us and sanctifies us for His glory!

This website is an attempt to document our crazy family adventure as honestly as we can. We would like to share the lessons we learn, and to show through our life experiences, what an incredibly wonderful privilege it is, to live as an adopted child of our God!


To teach that every one of us is a spiritual orphan through sin, but that Jesus has paved the way for us to be adopted by God and sealed eternally through His sacrificial love. So too children orphaned by circumstances can be adopted and sealed as sons and daughters in their forever families through love. 


To share our stories as a family in truth and vulnerability, to help others find hope and healing. 

    • We desire to mentor and encourage adoptive and foster families in the trenches in hopes that they will learn from our successes and failures.
    • To encourage other adoptees who might be struggling with their life losses.
    • To speak share God’s love with adoptive and foster families wherever God gives us the opportunity.
    • To co-administer Facebook adoption groups for adoptive parents (IPAC) and for adoptees (CAC).
    • To conduct workshops and seminars on the gospel, marriage and adoption related issues. 
    • To write a blog which provides resources to other families in the trenches.
    • To point everything we do to our only hope – Jesus! 

By His Grace, For His Glory! 

Theme Verse

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is His faithfulness (Lamentations 3:22-23).