Viceroy’s House & India’s True Freedom

Today, India celebrated another Republic Day in remembrance of the day in 1950 when the Constitution was ratified. I reminisce back to many a Republic Day parade where we proudly went in uniform to Parade Grounds as a part of our School Band which played in the parades or with our Girl Guides (Scouts) troupe… Continue reading Viceroy’s House & India’s True Freedom

The Indian National Anthem – Pointing to Jesus?

Today India celebrates its Independence Day. 70 years ago on August 15th 1947, India was formally released from British domination.  India has always been deeply religious, and its National Anthem reflects this. Jesus is the God who is described in this prayer, although the poet Nobel prize winner Rabindranath Tagore did not realize it. Below, I have broken down this translation along with corresponding verses in the Bible ascribing these attributes to Jesus.

Baby, Oh Baby! Lost & Found at the Cross


“It’s a girl!”

So began my life in a hospital located right beside a lake where unwanted baby girls were drowned, near Bangalore, India. Fortunately for me, in a country where over 50 million baby girls are missing through gender-cide, my birth mother chose life! I can only imagine the horror of life as an orphan if left abandoned after birth. I was then adopted at 10 months old, just six months after my severely traumatized six year old brother …
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Oceans Apart My Bride!

Passenger airplane taking off from airport headed over the Pacific ocean.

Little did I know that in the next few months my life as I knew it would drastically change….for the better! I had made a choice not to date throughout my school and college years but to wait for God to lead me to my future wife whenever He knew I was ready for marriage. So, I waited!