Hannah’s Prayer, Eli’s Humility Leads To Blessing

Over the years, God has given me the privilege of listening to and counseling many people in their times of distress. I counsel more as a friend. I realize that I don’t always do it right for I am often full of my own opinions and judgments. I have also had the privilege of counseling… Continue reading Hannah’s Prayer, Eli’s Humility Leads To Blessing


St. Marks Cathedral was a beautiful old British church which stood tall at the entrance to the famous Bangalore M.G. Road, across the street from Queen’s Park. It was the CSI flagship church. The church hosted many of the elite Bangalore Christian families who regularly worshipped there. Bishop Cottons girls and boys schools were affiliated… Continue reading ST. MARKS CATHEDRAL, Bangalore

The Scandal of the Gospel – Relationships

For not even His brothers believed in Him. John 7:5  Then Jesus went home, and once again a crowd gathered, so that He and His disciples could not even eat. And when His family heard it, they went out to seize Him, for they were saying, “He is out of his mind.” Mark 3:20-21 I… Continue reading The Scandal of the Gospel – Relationships

The Education Conundrum

Sandeep and I just returned from a wonderful experience at the American Federation for Children’s Summit 2018 in the heart of Washington DC. It was the meeting of some of the top education think tanks in the country as they shared ideas and successes while discussing the biggest problems facing our nation’s children today. Lack… Continue reading The Education Conundrum

Life for My Dying Conscience

My Dying Conscience – by Rashmi Trivedi (author of Woman everything will be fine!) – Illustrated by Vanita Thomas Sometimes in the dark of the night, I visit my conscience to see if  it is still breathing, for its dying a slow death Every day. When I pay for a meal in a fancy place,  an… Continue reading Life for My Dying Conscience

Reconciling Broken Relationships

Relationships are hard!  We are all sinful and will make mistakes as we communicate and interact with each other. At one time or another, if we invest in others, we will hurt each other – sometimes deliberately, sometimes without realizing it. Disagreements and arguments happen all the time creating hurt and confusion. So, how do we… Continue reading Reconciling Broken Relationships