Sarah Rachna’s Prayer with her Great Grandmother at 6 Years Old

Vanita’s grandmother who is 91 years old has been staying with us for the last two years. She is in reasonably good health by God’s grace, but is very hard of hearing. My daughters have been in the habit of praying with her every night before she goes to sleep. One day our younger daughter Sarah Rachna wrote out her prayer, so that her “Pallamma” (Tamil word for Great Grandmother) would understand what she was praying. We were not present when she did this, and Vanita’s Grandmother showed it to us later.

Here is a transcript – spelling mistakes and all!

Dear Loving heavenly Father,

I love you, and thank you for pallama. I realy Love her so please keep her safe. also Lord please wachover her. I pray She will sleep well, and have no bad dreams. bless her and keep her as she continues to walk in your path. I pray you will take great delight in her. I pray she will be quieted with your love and hear your voice as you Sing over her. I pray mom, dad, thatha [grandfather], pattimma [grandmother], akka [elder sister], annan [elder brother], Zuriel [our pet dog], me will all sleep well. I ask all of these things in Lord Jesus name. Amen.


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