The Bear Truth!!

Book Review: The Berenstain Bears and The Truth by Stan and Jan Berenstain

You can hear me read the book:

This is part of the Berenstain Bears’ series. The Bernstain Bears Series teaches us good character. Telling the truth is a very important thing.

Brother and Sister started playing soccer inside their house because they were bored. Then Brother tried to trick Sister out of position. But Sister was so fast that she kicked the ball and hit their Mama’s  most favorite lamp which fell on the floor with a crash. Mama was just coming in from shopping. Brother looked at Sister. Sister looked at Brother. They both looked at the broken lamp. Imagine the look on Mama’s face when she walked in and  saw her lamp!

Mama asked her cubs to tell her all about it. The cubs lied and said that a colorful bird had flown in through the window and pushed her favorite lamp over. Then their Dad came in from work and they told him the story of the bird and the lamp. But, because it was a whopper, they could not quite remember how they had said it the first time. So, Mama and Papa knew that they were telling a lie. They said that they were sorry that the lamp had broken. Mama said that she could always get another one but what she really was sad about was that maybe, just maybe, her cubs whom she  had always trusted  were lying to her. Then the cubs said that while they where playing with the soccer ball inside the house, they had  hit the lamp and it broke. The cubs apologized to their parents and promised to try not to lie again.

Moral of the Story: Telling the truth is very important, because trust is something you can’t put  back together! “No matter how you hope, no matter how you try, you can’t make truth out of a lie!” -Stan and Jan Berenstain

I would recommend this book because you will learn the importance of being truthful!

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