The Meaning of Lent

So what is Lent? People often associate it to a 40 day period where they give up something. That’s partly correct but over time the true meaning of lent has been changed. Lent is the time spent in preparation for Easter. Easter, which everyone knows, is about Jesus’ resurrection from the dead….not the Easter Bunny. Lent Season is known as 40 days, it’s a basic remembrance of how Jesus fasted for 40 days and nights in the wilderness before beginning His ministry-Mathew 4:1-11. Throughout these 40 days, we must spend time thinking about what Jesus has done for us; first by coming down to the world, and second by saving us of our sins, by dying on the cross.

So as we begin Lent Season, we step into it by giving something up or adding something in place of what we give up. Giving up or adding something should make you step out of your bounds; something that you normally won’t do. This something could be giving up anything we hold on to tightly, something that we spend too much time or even something that needs more attention in our lives. These next 40 days can be thought of as something which you just have to get by, or you can look at it as a way to really work on your life. Some examples on what to work on could be self-reflection (what do I need to change), forgiveness (whom do I need to forgive), restoration (spend time praying for yourself or someone you know), and for your own growth (work on your spiritual relationship with Jesus).

From my reading in Mathew 6 which talks about how we should fast, pray, and take care of needy etc, I got 5 points out of it:

  1. Giving to the needy must be done without praise or glory. It will be seen by God, who knows and sees all things.
  2. Prayer is important, but pray in silence. Meditate on the Lord’s Prayer.
  3. Fast with a happy and joyful heart and do it for Jesus.
  4. Be careful of the time spent in lent, don’t let it lead to you spending too much of time with the next best thing. God should be the most important.
  5. During this season approach it with a right heart, and God will provide a way through.

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